Knowledge modelling feedback

Topic to write about domains/concepts/resources and their relationships. Building a proper modelling has to be a feedback based iterative process. Please write down the limitations you noticed, the edge cases that are not well supported right now, usability issues, etc.
A few points already:

  • Some concepts are “shared” between domains, and right now it would require creating 2 concepts, 1 in each domain. There then wouldn’t be any relations between them, which is suboptimal to put it simply.
  • Grouping knowledge vs sub concepts vs dependencies, etc.: which relationships are the most useful in terms of value to bring to the users.
  • Knowledge Level / Learning goal: Right now the idea would be to have a kind of hierarchical tree structure to represent them, e.g. a Python developper is expected to have x knowledge level in Python, x y knowledge level of programming design patterns, etc.